461 seals legally murdered for fish farm and sporting estate profits

In the first year of the government’s new seal licensing system they claim that
461 seals have been shot.

The latest annual figures which cover the period from 31 January 2011 to 31
January 2012 can be found at Licences & Returns: 2011

The government claims this is a success story, that these figures are far lower
than the 3,000 seals that environmental groups had claimed were being killed
each year.

In fact a Freedom of Information request shows that the number of seals
reported to the government as being shot over the three years before licences
were introduced was 66, 34 and 10.

The truth is that no one knows how many seals are being shot because no one is
counting. Information received privately suggests that salmon farmers operate a
policy of shoot on sight, far from the government’s insistence seals are shot as a
last resort.

The licensing system actually provides a smokescreen for salmon farmers and
netsmen to hide behind as they continue their slaughter of Scotland’s iconic sea

Here are five things you can do to help the seals in Scotland:

1. Share this post and our Facebook and Twitter links.
2. Sign our iPetition
3. Write to your supermarket with these simple questions.
4. Write to your MSP asking the government to implement a no kill policy,
or at least police their licences and bring back the closed season for the
common seals.
5. Write to the RSPCA and ask that they do not give their Freedom Foods
accreditation to salmon farms that have licences to shoot seals.

There should be no need for any seal to be shot. Every fish farm should be
checked to ensure it has non-lethal anti predator nets installed on all its cages.


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