Save Scotland’s Seals from being Killed is a stakeholder group made up of a number of organisations and individuals. Now well over 5,000 individuals in just over 6 weeks since launching our Facebook group! We aim to protect Scotland’s seals while also raising the profile of Scotland’s seals and seals in general plus to promote a positive view of Scotland for the tourism industry who also wish to see an end to the seal killings. Here is a link to a Government report from 2010

True value of wildlife tourism

We are delighted to have the support of Marine Biologist Mark Carter who went on hunger strike for 70 days in 2009 to save Scotland’s seals, here’s the link to Marks blog  http://hungerstrikeseals.blogspot.com/

We appreciate some initial support from The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and their volunteers.   Our gratitude goes to all our supporters and those who have contributed to our ‘Supporters Comments’ page.  

Contact Email :-    sealscotland@gmail.com


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