Dead Seal Renga by Nick Neale

Policies placed her
Here, ten meters from mothering
Seas that salt soothed wounds

And fed her. Now gulls’
Awls drill wounds to feed their chicks.
Declared enemy.

Flippers that once drove
Her through shoals, sad fans of bones.
Sea shift pebbles blush

With shame. Guardian
Of our shores needs protection
Who will be saving her

From salmon sheltered
Traps that seethe the dead zone ‘neath
Lowering fish farms?

This leathered kitbag
Of bones mutely reproaches
Our indifference

Selkie song stilled now
Myths that nourish snuffed as we
Run headlong towards cash

Disturb that balance
And release the Kraken to
rear over our shores.

Seal photo courtesy of Charilie Phillips

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