How you can help

Eight things you can do to help seals in Scotland:

1. Share this page, Facebook and Twitter links plus keep sharing or re-tweeting our links.

2. Sign and share our Care2 petition Stop Scotland’s Unnecessary Seal Cull

3. Write to your supermarket with these simple questions.

4. Write to your MSP asking that the government implement a no kill policy.

5. ‘Boycott salmon’ over seal killings

6. How you can help – email campaign to RSPCA & M&S

7. Inform others about this issue.

8. If you can, donations are needed by the organizations involved with seals listed on our ‘links’ page.

We hope as many of you will do what you can in support of seals and we encourage every one to visit Scotland VisitScotland Ad: Surprise Yourself

However there should be no need for any seal to be shot on fish farms as they should be
checked to ensure it has non-lethal anti predator nets installed on all its cages.

Thank you for your support.

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