It’s Not Looking Good…..!


More than 140 seals reported shot in 18 months in Shetland alone because it is cheaper to shoot seals than pay for high strength, tightly tensioned predator exclusion nets.  Read more via Shetland News Almost 150 seals shot under licence


SSPO condemns freedom of information decision on seal killings via


In The Sunday Times article read how Calls for sea lice alerts at farms were voted down by the SNP!


Fish company investigated after salmon farm pollutes Scottish loch Marine Harvest, one of the largest fish-farming companies, is under investigation after polluting loch with pesticides.¬† Guardian 10th May ’13

Farmed Salmon!


Help by signing and sharing our new petition to Stop Scotland’s Unnecessary Seal Cull

Find more background information regarding the petition from Marine Concern here.

Shot common seal mc6

Image courtesy of Mark Carter Marine Concern 


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