22 Reasons for NOT eating Farmed Salmon

A host of environmental and social problems regarding the fish meal production in Peru, which supplies this feed to the salmon farming industry:

1. A drain on ocean resources as key species sardines and anchovies used by the fish meal industry.

2. Birds, whales, dolphins and sea-lions do not have enough food to eat, causing a decline in populations due to a scarcity of their food being used to produce fish meal.

3. Sea-lions are being killed by fishermen because the hungry sea-lions try to get the fish from the fisherman’s nets.

4. Problems of pollution caused by the fish meal industry.

5. Dust from fish-meal factories has as adverse impact on the health of adults and children causing respiratory problems, allergies, skin throat, eye problems, bronchitis, asthma and headaches.

6. Windows of schools and homes near these factories have to be kept closed.

7. Effluent is released into the sea from fish meal factories.

8. Coastal systems being degraded by this industry.

9. Fish is now scarce for locals to purchase and the price has risen greatly.

10. Laws are not followed on the restrictions placed on this industry, for example exclusion zones.

Points 1 – 10, information sourced from Greed of Feed: what’s feeding our cheap farmed salmon? A major investigation by the Ecologist on the fish meal industry in Peru, 10 min YouTube video.

Issues regarding farmed salmon production:

11. Overcrowding, causing injury and death. Aquafarming information on PETA’s website

12. Unregulated Suffering. See PETA’s link above.

13. Pesticides from salmon farms poison Scotland’s lochs EXCLUSIVE by Rob Edwards Environment Editor, Herald Scotland

14. Farm sea lice plague wild salmon  BBC news article

15. Devastating waste impacts below fish farm cages. David Ainsley shows us the waste impacts of salmon farm YouTube video.

16. Loss of marine life cause by waste, see above.

17. High levels of antibiotics, refer to The Salmon Farm Monitor

18. Escapes of farmed fish compete or interbreed with wild fish which are genetically different.

19. Hundreds of seals shot every year by fish farms in Scotland.

20. Killing and displacement of seals and other animals and birds have adverse effects on wildlife tourism.

Health Concerns about farmed salmon consumption:

21. Farmed salmon has ‘more fat than pizza’ Telegraph article

22. Norway Issues Warnings About Health Dangers of Farmed Salmon Mercola.com & Salmon health alert article via Daily Mail.


Two recent films about salmon farming, both free to watch:

Salmon Confidential – the documentary

A Fishy Tail movie

Plus The Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST) have also announced the production of a new film, ‘Film aims to raise awareness of salmon’s plight’ via Press and Journal.


Additional information via The Salmon Farm Monitor

10 Reasons to Boycott Scottish ‘Quality’ Salmon This Christmas via Salmon Farm Monitor

What is the Answer?

Some think the solution is to have closed containment and land based fish farms but these fail to resolve the fish meal issues or health concerns.

Attachments area

Salmon Confidential

Preview YouTube video Greed of Feed: what’s feeding our cheap farmed salmon?

Preview YouTube video David Ainsley shows us the waste impacts of salmon farms

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