Seal Licencing Wrong and NOT Working

Five reasons why issuing licences to shoot seals is wrong:

1. Our government must recognise and accept the huge opposition to shooting seals in Scotland.

2. Licences are impossible to police and, if anything, make it easier for licence holders to shoot seals.

3. The impact of such licences will be extremely negative for wildlife tourism, one of the most important parts of the tourism industry.

3. Ultimately this will have a detrimental impact on Scotland’s global image.

5. Today wildlife needs our protection as custodians against those who put profit first. Without ecology there is no economy.

Scotland aims to increase 2009 salmon production levels by 50 per cent to 210,000 tonnes by 2020. This will place an even greater strain on the eco systems where fish farms are based.

Unless we have a ZERO kill policy for seals, many more will be shot.

Seals are one of Scotland’s iconic species. They are part of our ancient history with many legends around them. By speaking out for our seals now we are speaking up for our heritage.


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One Response to Seal Licencing Wrong and NOT Working

  1. Deborah Massey says:

    Seals have been around these shores for thousands of years. Men seals and fish have lived in balance, but now all of a sudden the seals are in the way of profit!!!!! Please re think this. If humans want to go into the fish farming business they must consider the risks and the losses not wip out every species that gets in their way!!!!!

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