The True Cost of Salmon Farms in Scotland

Scottish government criticised by ad watchdog over panda advert via The Guardian today, this may be linked to deals with China to supply them farmed salmon, as Andrew Flitcroft writes ‘First minister Alex Salmond crowed that the Scottish fish-farming industry may need to double salmon production to satisfy Chinese demand.’ read more here re the trade deal with China having terrifying implications for our wild fish stocks in You’re so wrong about salmon, Mr Salmond also via The Guardian.

What about below and around fish farms, in this informative video see the shocking, disgraceful and tragic truth in Shame Below the Waves

It is unsustainable when many times more wild fish are killed to feed farmed salmon, in this video from Nigel Upchurch learn Why you shouldn’t eat farmed fish – a graphical explanation read of other consequences here Peru’s Sea Lions dying, seals & farmed salmon in Scotland!

In The Daily Record today we read how the Scots salmon farmers reveal the secrets of their booming success story yet the cost to the environment is not mentioned. What are the true costs of damaging our coastline, environment, killing seals and infecting wild fish stocks?  In the governments own report here True value of wildlife tourism we hear how important economically wildlife tourism is in this video yet the same government is agreeing to more fish farms and allowing the shooting of Scotland’s iconic seals. What environmental studies and consultations have been made before the government make these deals with foreign owned fish farms and deals with China for unsustainable environmentally unfriendly farmed salmon in Scotland?

Also in the news today via The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture here about The Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organization (SSPO) – the trade body representing salmon farmers in Scotland – has been forced into an embarrassing apology following false claims that award-winning author and campaigner Don Staniford is a “convicted criminal” Who’s Calling Who a Convicted Criminal?




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